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There was only one thing no-nonsense Sheriff Lucas Bedford hated more than injustice and that was justice denied.


The body of a young woman from a prominent family is found floating in Stony River. Angus, a Civil War deserter and a drifter, is ultimately charged with her death because he fits the townspeople’s image of a murderer while, Blake, the suspected killer and son of the town despot, JD, is given a pass with the help of his father’s lethal manipulation of the justice system.


Convinced Blake is guilty of this murder (and of a slew of other unsolved murders), Lucas Bedford, Newburgh’s no-nonsense sheriff, desires nothing more than to bring Blake to justice, but he’s thwarted at every turn by JD, the most treacherous man in town. Unless solid proof of Blake’s guilt materializes, Angus is doomed to swing for the murder of the young woman and Bedford is doomed to suffer the hanging of an innocent man. All he can hope for is a miracle.

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